What Size Wire Rope is Used For 16 Tons Electric Hoist?

An electric hoist is a commonly used material handling equipment that uses a wire rope as a lifting device. So, what size of wire rope should be used for a 16-ton electric hoist? This is a question that needs to be explored in depth.

Material of wire rope

Steel wire rope is woven from steel wire, and its material is generally high-strength steel wire. Common high-strength steel wires include chromium-molybdenum steel, silicon-manganese steel, carbon structural steel, etc. The load-bearing capacity of steel wire ropes of different materials is different, so when selecting steel wire ropes, you need to choose according to different working environments and requirements.

The wire ropes used in 16-ton electric hoists are generally high-strength steel wire ropes, among which silicon-manganese steel wire ropes are currently the most widely used. Silicon-manganese steel wire rope has the characteristics of high strength, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, and is very suitable for use in heavy-load and high-intensity working environments.

Diameter of wire rope

The diameter of a wire rope is one of the key factors affecting its load-bearing capacity. The larger the diameter, the higher the load carrying capacity. However, the diameter is also limited by the working environment. If the diameter is too large, it will affect the flexibility of operation, increase the difficulty of operation, and even take up too much space. Therefore, when selecting the diameter of the wire rope, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the working environment and requirements and select the most appropriate diameter.

Generally speaking, the diameter of the wire rope used in a 16-ton electric hoist should be about 40mm. Such steel wire ropes have sufficient load-bearing capacity, are not too bulky, and are easy to operate.

The structure of the wire rope

The structure of the steel wire rope is also one of the key factors affecting its load-bearing capacity. Common steel wire rope structures include spiral structure, parallel structure, etc. Different structures correspond to different usage environments and requirements.

In the 16-ton electric hoist, the commonly used wire rope structure is a spiral structure. The spiral structure wire rope has the characteristics of small twist angle and good fatigue resistance, and is very suitable for use in high-load and high-intensity working environments.

Wire rope maintenance

Steel wire ropes require regular maintenance and upkeep during use to ensure that they work safely and reliably. Common maintenance methods include the following:

Regularly check the surface of the wire rope for damage, such as broken wires, wear, etc.

Lubricate the wire rope regularly to maintain its flexibility.

Regularly adjust the tension of the wire rope to ensure that it is within the normal working range.


Through the analysis of the above aspects, we can conclude that the 16-ton electric hoist should use silicon-manganese steel spiral structure wire rope with a diameter of about 40mm. Of course, when actually selecting a wire rope, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the specific working environment and requirements, and perform necessary maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it works safely and reliably.

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