Why Us Need To Use Vinyl Coated Wire Rope?

Why us need to use vinyl coated wire rope?

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 Vinyl exhibits greater resistance to UV exposure when compared to nylon, rendering it adaptable for a wide array of uses. It is commonly employed on sailboats, for suspending bird feeders, and in the construction of trailer safety cables. Vinyl possesses the capacity to endure shifting weather conditions and intense sunlight. In contrast, nylon is more vulnerable to light, yet it excels in acidic environments that could cause deterioration in other materials. Generally speaking, nylon proves to be an excellent choice for indoor applications, while vinyl is well-suited for outdoor use.


 Nylon offers enhanced resistance to friction and abrasion as opposed to vinyl. However, it is more prone to cracking. On the other hand, vinyl is more pliable, but its flexible surface offers less resistance to abrasion compared to nylon. Neither material inherently possesses greater "strength" than the other, but each showcases distinct characteristics that make them excel in specific scenarios. For instance, exercise machines often utilize nylon-coated cables due to their smooth interaction with sheaves, safeguarding the cable's interior and prolonging its lifespan. In push-pull applications like towing, where cables don't need to navigate corners, vinyl serves as a robust alternative.


 Both nylon and vinyl can be dyed to an extensive spectrum of colors, including neutral hues such as beige and gray, as well as vibrant tones like yellow and red. Both materials are also available in translucent finishes, permitting the cable to remain visible through the jacket color. Vinyl colors tend to appear more vivid and saturated in comparison to nylon colors. Hence, our range of vinyl-coated products encompasses selections like Blue Spartan, Lime Green, and White Bright, in addition to conventional choices like white, red, orange, and brown. Moreover, we offer custom color matching for shades not present in our standard selection.

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