Wire Rope for Outdoor Light and Stair Railing

Wire Rope
1*7 means that the wire rope has 1 strand, and there are 7 filaments in each strand, and the wire rope is processed from 7 wires
1*19 means that there are 1 strands of wire rope, and each strand contains 19 thin wires, and the wire rope is processed from 19 wires
7*7 means that the wire rope has 7 strands, each strand has 7 thin wires, and the wire rope is processed from 49 wires
7*19 means that there are 7 strand

Wire Rope for Outdoor Light and Stair Railing

Wire Rope for Outdoor Light and Stair Railing

Distinguishing itself from galvanized steel or bright steel, stainless steel wire rope boasts a notable advantage in its augmented resistance to corrosion. This distinct attribute renders stainless steel particularly well-suited for environments characterized by high moisture content and acidity. This is especially relevant in scenarios such as marine rigging applications or construction sites featuring aggressive chemicals such as chlorine.

Noteworthy for its low-maintenance disposition and impressive flexibility, stainless steel wire rope shares a common trait with all wire rope varieties: exceptional strength, durability, and a certain level of user-friendliness in handling.

Within our offerings, you will find the availability of both type 304 and type 316 steel variants.

Opting for the more prevalent option, 304 stainless steel wire rope, provides an adequate degree of corrosion resistance, rendering it suitable for a wide array of general applications.

In contrast, 316 stainless steel wire rope introduces an additional alloy, molybdenum, thereby elevating its corrosion resistance properties. If your intentions involve the utilization of wire rope in a marine environment or any setting where consistent chemical exposure is anticipated, this becomes the optimal selection.

Navigating the realm of stainless steel wire rope and cables, the terminologies are sometimes used interchangeably; however, it's crucial to recognize the distinction. The term "cable" pertains to wire rope possessing a diameter less than 3/8".

This reduced diameter imparts stainless cables with a niche specialization, making them most suitable for lighter-duty applications such as winch lines and railings.

Conversely, the realm of stainless wire rope encompasses wire rope possessing a diameter greater than 3/8", endowing it with the enhanced potency requisite for tasks involving lifting and hoisting.

It's pertinent to note that while a significant portion of our wire rope offerings align with the stainless wire cable classification due to their sub-3/8" diameters, we do indeed present a selection of larger sizes. Our rope diameters span the range of 3/32" to 1".

As a golden rule pertinent to all apparatuses engaged in lifting and rigging, the diligent scrutiny of wire ropes for indications of damage—ranging from kinks and breaks to overuse markers—remains an imperative practice.

High Strength 304 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope 

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High Strength 304 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Factory Introduction

Founded in 1996, our establishment stands as a testament to time. Within the realm of stainless steel wire ropes and riggings, our factory has positioned itself as a stalwart player, hailing from the vast expanse of China.

Undoubtedly, innovation has remained our bedrock, solidifying our position as a beacon within the industry. Our focus rests unwaveringly upon both technological and managerial innovation, aligning with our status as a trailblazer. With a substantial investment of millions of RMB in 2008, we birthed a modern hub for steel wire rope production. This endeavor also bore fruits in the form of the Jiangsu Province Technical Engineering Center, the Jiangsu Province Stainless Steel Rope Institute of Technology, the Taizhou Enterprise Technology Center, and the forthcoming Jiangsu Province Enterprise Technology Center.


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Customer Feedback About High Strength 304 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope 

1.Most of customers are satisfied with our price and quality, all of them think it is not easy to find a professional manufacture for the Custom PVC Stainless Wire Rope who can supply it at a competitive       price.

2.  All customer of us are satisfied with our lead time for the sampling order and the bulk order, we can work out samples in 5 days, 

     and it will take 10 days if the bulk order quantity is less than100000meter.

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Frenquently Asked Questions About High Strength 304 316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope 

1.Question : How long will it take for the sampling order?

   Answer:     Generally speaking, our sampling time is 3 days.

2.Question : If I am not satisfied with the samples, what should I do?

   Answer :    If the samples are not good as you expected, you can ask us to refund the sampling cost or to allow us to improve the samples until you feel good to them.

3.Question : How long will it take for the bulk order, and which kind of payment do you support?

   Answer :   In fact, we can complete within about 10-15 days, we can accept Bank transfer, paypal etc.

4.Question: What is the MOQ?

   Answer:   200 meter per size

5.Question: How to receive the goods?

   Answer:  With our professional transport agents, we are capable of delivery products to most ports all over the world.  

                  Door-to-door service is also supported.   FOB, CIF are most commonly used trade terms.