What is Galvanized Wire Rope Used For?

What is Galvanized Wire Rope Used For?

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Galvanized steel wire rope has the advantages of high tensile strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, beauty and durability, etc.

Therefore, wear resistance can also be used as nano guide rails, control Commonly used with brake lines, transmission lines, lighting lanyards, etc. of various rickshaws, electric vehicles and other equipment.

The surface of galvanized steel wire is smooth and clean, without cracks, knots, thorns, scars and rust. The galvanized layer is uniform, has strong adhesion, long-lasting corrosion resistance, and excellent toughness and elasticity. The tensile strength should be between 900Mpa-2200Mpa (wire diameter Φ0.2mm-Φ4.4mm). The number of twists (Φ0.5mm) should be more than 20 times, and repeated bending should be more than 13 times.

The thickness of hot-dip zinc layer is 250g/m. Greatly improves the corrosion resistance of steel wires。

Galvanized steel wire is mainly used in greenhouses, farms, cotton baling, springs and wire rope manufacturing. Suitable for engineering structures with harsh environmental conditions such as cable-stayed bridges and sewage pools.



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